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Our founder & main faculty is in marketing from past decade and have worked with Global brands as an employee & also as an agency. He started his career when in 2011 when Digital Marketing was very new for the market. As he was very found on keeping himself updated, he already knew in and out about Digital Marketing. 

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A Certificate of completion shall be given to every student who will be doing the course with us. 

Certification of Completion

Micro Batches for Utmost attention & doubt clarity.

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We shall be having limited seats only for every batch so that every students gets the utmost attention & doubts clarity. 

Career Oriented syllabus

Our courses will be aligned to your career ahead. it will cover all aspects in terms of what you shall encounter in your career/business & how to tackle it. 

Grooming Session for Working ahead. 


Its now only about course knowledge, we shall make you ready for way ahead as well by guiding you to earn money once you are certified. 

Live projects to work on for practical exposure. 


The course shall comprise of theory as well as practical work sessions where you shall be doing the actual demo campaigns and learning through them

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Courses we offer :



Become a certified professional in Digital Marketing & go global. 

Website development


Learn how to make your internet address & milk on the profits on google.



Your graphics are the first one to interact with customer. Become a certified expert and make your brand speak. 



Learnt a lot about how to create brand awareness through digital marketing. If people don't know about your business, the business can't grow. I also learnt how to create an exact target audience for people who are interested in the services my business provides. Very helpful course. Precise & detailed


Very interactive course. The course takes place online and I was able to clear any of my doubts on the spot. I was also able to keep in contact with the instructor incase I wanted any further explanations for the same.


An end to end course that gave me detailed information on what I needed to grow my business across social media platforms. I learnt how to attract potential clients through content marketing & market research. I also learnt Tips & tricks for certain platforms.


The major outcome from this course for me was that along with getting a better understanding of the digital platforms, I also learnt tips & tricks on marketing. The course also includes how to attract a customer to the flyers that your business puts out along with the type of content you use. It also teaches you the importance of using certain type of content on each of the platforms.


The best part of this course is that the instructor is constantly available. He teaches you everything, from how to ace a Digital Marketing Job interview to important tips & tricks on marketing platforms. The course has really helped me get a job & impress my employers and co-workers with the knowledge I gained.


Evolving Industry

The industry has grown leaps & bounds in terms of career opportunities as every business needs professionals to grow them digitally & reach bigger audience.

Future of Marketing

The beauty of Digital Marketing is that everything is measurable which is not in traditional marketing. The business world is shifting towards digital marketing as they need to measure every step in this competitive market. 

Huge Career/Business opportunities

As the world is becoming technologically advanced, The scope of digital marketing is growing bigger & bigger everyday.

Need not a want

Every customer search about the product or services in Internet. So when customer is present on internet, you need to master the space to grab its attention on your offering.

What are the career opportunities ahead?

What you become once you learn the skill?

Digital Marketing Manager

Digital Marketing Business owner

Digitally educated owner of your own brand.

Blogger / Influencer

Freelancer / Work from home professionals

Digital Marketing Consultant

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