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Class taken by an Industry Leader

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Career direction

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All course material post completion.

Learn directly from Industry Leader with more than a decade of experience.

What do we mean when we say 'Learn from the Industry Leaders'?

Our founder & main faculty is in marketing from past decade and have worked with Global brands as an employee & also as an agency. He started his career when in 2011 when Digital Marketing was very new for the market. As he was very found on keeping himself updated, he already knew in and out about Digital Marketing. 

He then took initiative in his organisation and completely transformed the marketing strategies through Digital Media. He has worked on global campaigns in the journey with esteemed brands in his career. After a great exposure of 6 years, he then quit the job and became an entrepreneur. 

His first venture is Odopod Marketing Services (OMS) where we help our clients to establish their brands digitally which decreases their expense & increase the business. OMS has worked in multiple industries & have gotten global exposure under his leadership. After such an inspiring journey, he wants to educate the younger generation to become efficient & productive professionals in the digital space which is the future of marketing domain. 

Convenience of Choice

In terms of courses we form for you, We understand that everyone is at a different stage of their career whether it is job or your own business. That is why we offer an array of courses which has different time span & learning so that you can join us with no hesitation at all.

  • 3 hours workshop 

    • Best suited for : ​

      • Digital Space enthusiasts ​

      • Freelancers or business owners

      • Students / Bloggers / Influencers 

      • Need information to decide the direction of your career.

      • Business owners who want to go global

      • Home staying parent for work from home opportunity. 

  • 2 Day Course

    • Best suited for : ​

      • Digital Marketing managers​

      • Business owners

      • Who wants to do job/business in this field or related.

      • Brush up or updating the knowledge.

      • Students / Bloggers / Influencers 

      • Home staying parents for Work from Home opportunities. 

  • Monthly Course 

    • Best suited for : ​

      • Digital Marketing managers​ 

      • Business owners / Working from home. 

      • Want to enter the Digital Space. 

      • Want to make their own digital presence.

      • Who wants to do job/business in this field or related.

      • Brush up or updating the knowledge.

      • Students who wants to build their career. 

      • Home staying parents for Work from Home opportunities. 

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